Productive process


Our production chain starts on the Costa Rican farms, where animals are raised under the highest nutritional, health management and humanitarian standards. The company operates environmentally responsible farms that meet the best agricultural practices, looking after the welfare of animals and obtaining the desired products.

Company experts on purchasing in farms and live cattle auctions are responsible for selecting the best animals. Our farm operation allows the company to offer safe, tender and fresh products, while maintaining strict quality controls and the desired characteristics of the processed animals.


Industrial plant:

Once the animals have been selected, they are transported to our production plants for processing using the best slaughter practices and complying with animal welfare standards. Throughout this process, Costa Rican health authorities maintain constant supervision inspecting and approving each of the processed animals.

SENASA officials ensure compliance with health requirements, guaranteeing product safety for domestic consumption and export. The meat processed in the plant is approved under HACCP standards.


Storage and dispatch:

Finishing production the product is transferred into our cold storage facilities. The company has a storage system conditioned to monitor temperatures 24/7 in order to ensure a consistent cold chain for product freshness and quality. Our local distribution relies on a wide and modern vehicle fleet with state of the art cooling equipment and qualified personnel with over 30 years’ experience in meat distribution who are regularly trained in the best practices and skills.



The products are delivered to our customers through four local distribution channels, besides our international export business:

Supermarkets: with about 15 years’ experience in supermarket logistics, the company has a comprehensive system that includes products from our own production as well as products acquired for commercialization. The company currently represents world-renowned brands as well as domestic brands of frozen and fresh products, which are distributed to the major supermarkets in the country.


Wholesale: this channel is focused on supplying raw materials to large scale clients engaged in the further production or sale of meat products. Due to its large scale capacity and logistics, the company meets the high demands from top customers, such as cold meat factories, large format supermarkets and other companies commercializing meat products.


Food service: this division has over 15 years aiming to be the best animal protein supplier for small businesses, offering a wide range of products and competitive prices.
This platform provides personalized attention to all clients. Additionally, it has properly equipped routes and more than 400sku's of domestic and imported products, with nationwide delivery services.


Butcher shops: this channel focuses on the sale and distribution of meat products to butcher shops. Its performance is based on product quality, excellent service and competitive prices.
CIISA aims to be the largest trading partner providing the products and services clients need, in an efficient, effective and profitable manner, thus contributing to the development of the sector and delivering products to the final consumer.


Export: the company plays an important role in the export of meat products to US markets, Central America, Asia and CARICOM, among others, being the leading exporter of meat products in the country.